Karol Shmueli

Escape Room

How many times in our lives have we found ourselves in a situation in which we feel that everything is closing in on us? When we want to escape? When we pray intensely that everything will disappear, but then wake up again and encounter reality?

In our imaginations,
Is there a place to which we can escape? Will it be able to overcome reality?

How are fantasy and reality interwoven with each other? Is there a place like this? Is there a “third space” in which they can exist one alongside the other?

I explored different methods of treatment available today in the market, which guarantee a change for the body and soul – and I documented them, using video. In actuality, through them I created an “alter ego,” a figure that is “Wanna Be a Star” – that goes out to wander the streets of the city of Jerusalem, and tries to create fantasy that is real.