Natasha Kandov

White Elephant

80,000 people go through the central bus station every day; there are 44,000 square meters in the station; 18 Asian food stores; 8 floors; 29 escalators; 9 elevators; 1994 I was born in south Tel Aviv; 1,500 businesses; 178 shop windows on the bottom floor; 38,300 asylum seekers; 1,060,091 immigrants from the Soviet Union; 29 hairstylists on the street; 64,842 in ltrators; 4,200 dunams for all of south Tel Aviv; 2015 I went back to walking around the area; 300 bars without a license around the station; 11 streets that I remember; 4,000 children seeking asylum in Israel; 3 swings in Levinsky Park; 9 benches; 23 new friends I made in the park; 16 taxis waiting outside the station.