Merav Dror

The Horizon

“And Cain would lie on his side, leaving his back vulnerable to the movements of the ship. Through the small round window, the sea is visible; in a moment, the ship leans on its side and the whole field of vision is limited to the raging water that is close at hand. But now the ship is rolling onto the other side, and the field of vision lifts: the round horizon is visible, as well as the sky above it.

” This is the beginning of a story that was never completed – written by my grandfather. While we never knew each other, I am inclined to believe that I inherited my attraction and love of the sea from him.

The sea is the central motif and message of this project. It has unique characteristics, it is primordial and universal. An encounter with it is always dynamic and changing – but what always stays the same is its presence. By nature, it is always there.

At the meeting point of the mass of water and the air, the horizon is created. The horizon symbolizes a kind of starting point, a reference line based on which I determine my place in the universe. It changes, reflecting my unstable existence. The horizon symbolizes a border and activates a need for movement and for wandering – which are an outgrowth of a desire to break out of the stagnation and the boundaries that a border creates.

From my perspective, it is in the element of water that the anchor is found. The water is what allows a certain degree of attention to what is taking place inside the body.

“The water is in our bodies, and we emerged from the water to the land millions of years ago, And the secret longing to return to the sea remains in man.”

(Yosale Dror, My grandfather)