Lihi Binaymin

Trilogy of Weekends

My heart,

For 3 years,

Is divided into 3 books.

With a Cannon AE1,

50 mm lens,

400-TMAX-black and white films,

A black 0.4 pilot pen,

White masking tape,

I try

To document, to gather, to integrate,

Non decisive moments.

After consecutive years

Many decisive moments,

I started to photograph on weekends,

Nikki, the 16 years old white dog,

Who signified gray in black moments.

From photographs of the 4-legged,

Sleeping-eating-doing her physical needs,

The frame slightly opened

To my female family members,

And the houses in which I live/sleep.


These 3 routes,


These 3 books,

I’m checking the concept of home,


No drama,


The in-between.



If you take out

The colorful of everyday hustle,

And remain with

Black, white and the end of the week,

Suddenly it’s possible

To see things clearly.