yarden baker

One of a Kind

Going home, to the family, after being away for a period of time, leads to photography that dwells on the border between what is private or personal and what is the family’s – exploring clear boundaries and how they are crossed, out of an attempt to test the family in varying situations.

New situations and challenges in daily life are documented using photography in a large and medium format. The choice of a large format demands pausing, spending some time in the place and within the situation. Thus, the camera is present as part of the way of life of a modern family of the 21st century, and allows clarification of key concepts such as family, intimacy, and boundary.

Tremendous closeness allows members of the house to adjust to the presence of the camera, and allows the photography of intimate situations that, seemingly, go beyond the standard sphere of family life. At the same time, the lack of privacy, the crowdedness, and the “pressure cooker” within the family unit – documented using a slow photography process – facilitate an exit from the safe space of the family, and a deepening of emotion.