Hadas Dahan

Heaven Beside You

A video that simulates 24 hours in a military cemetery at Mt. Herzl, the focus of collective bereavement and memory.

The video is made as a nature lm. It has fantastic, perhaps bizarre, characteristics, and it focuses on the photographs of the “Enchanted Forest” with deliberate disregard for the open view of the cemetery.

The video has an original soundtrack that suits the images and strengthens the gap between the world of mourning and the world of fantasy and pastoralization.

“Heaven beside You” developed out of thoughts about the place that represents the border between heaven as a metaphor for tranquility and eternal peace and the aesthetics of the memory of death in its painful sense.

–Jerry Cantrell

The defamiliarization that is created by turning the cemetery into a fantastic and pastoral area creates an emotional, personal, and national conflict, And this moves in thought that is between the dark and the illuminated, between flowering and withering, between nature and the stone of the tombstone, and between private mourning and bereavement and the heroization of death.