Bar Shitrit


The works were collected in a journal-type format, composed of intuitive impressions and snapshots collected throughout the years of studying at Bezalel. Life’s processes emerge from the works, mostly romantic, some of them ctional, and some of them real – all of them experienced during this time. The works were made using two di erent techniques: The rst, by quickly sketching on the sketch pad, and the second, with direct photography using analog and disposable cameras. The images went through reproduction and reprinting in an attempt to transfer them from the pages of a personal notebook – to the format of an exhibit, which is spread out throughout the space, as a complete project that stands on its own.

The works represent di erent points of observation about the world: On the one hand, the physical glance that tends toward realism, as reflected in the photographs; and on the other hand, the internal world, expressed in the sketches, which present a picture of a world that’s much more personal, even fantastic. The materials were collected and arranged as a single story that presents, one alongside the other, the reality of life and of a false reality.