Andriy Malakhovsky

Objects, like people, migrate

I am Andriy – migrant from Ukraine. This is a story about me and my family. I arrived to Israel 4 years ago to study photography at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. This turn completely changed my life, and a er 2 years my wife and daughter joined me. We brought with us a lot of objects from Ukraine. And now I introduce all of them on the wall.

Objects that migrants carry can be large or small, common or uncommon, mass- produced or intensely personal. They can tell of families lost and families found. They can speak of a heritage and an identity. They can be a link to the past as well as a bridge to the future. Some migrants flee conflict. Other migrants seek opportunity. All carry something with them.

Objects help us to create a history of our experiences and they contribute to a psychological history of meaning, of communication – as you have all just participated in – as well as actions, memory and of course emotions. They are not static, they can change over time, and be used in di erent ways and for di erent means.