Nadin Ram

Titanium Skeleton

Titanium Skeleton

The ‘skeleton look’ in my heel shoe collection truly accentuates my fantasy of being ‘born in heels’ as they are the integral part of a woman’s body.

My collection uses anatomical and minimal structures which is printed in titanium for the purpose of ‘lifting’ and holding the foot in a high heel position. What connects between the foot and a titanium skeleton is an ‘anatomical foothold’ of a printed polymer that’s transparent to the human foot. The ‘foothold’ is mechanically separated into the titanium Skeleton which can be replaced and exchanged to different colors , textures, or customizations in the sense of a soft and hard feel.

Materials: Titanium Ti-6Al-4V, polymer PLA.

Technology: 3D printing using an electronic beam.

The project is a collaboration with the Israeli Institute of Metals, the Technion.

Mentor : Eliora Ginsburg.