Meydan Levy

Neo Fruit

Advisor: Dov Ganchrow


Living in a world where the food industry is so lustrous that food has become a given, A shift in the paradigm has occurred

The population of the world is on the rise,  the industries reliance on nature has grown tenfold and as land becomes scarce, different solutions to deal with the rising problems have made way into our diets..

Many people today rely on supplementation of their minerals and vitamins solely from a multitude of food additives and supplements – this has directly been connected to health problems physically and psychologically.

Neo Fruit allows us to break free from nature without skipping its classesת and Uses modern day tech and knowledge to create a truly unique man-made fruit. These Man made fruit, have an array of nutrients that are tailored to our daily needs.

Neo fruit’s form and textures were designed to fulfil our sensory involvement whilst remaining truly and practically healthy. and do not only leave us surviving’ but strengthen the ties between man & technology creating a wholesome; emotional and physical experience.