Majd Miziro


The idea of the project is to restore the revival of the random areas, giving the land value, so that the rearrangement and distribution of functions ensures the benefit of the land to its inhabitants and also to its visitors


The project develops the zone into a place of leisure and recreational activities in addition to agro-industrial activities, to create a place of interaction between the citizens from its surroundings and the visitors. In addition, the project has residential buildings.

It will host a food port. this is an active eco-nomic and community hub, that shapes a new model between the consumer and the producer. The diversity of programs in this food port reflects the full food chain and hosts a new food space of public spaces and plazas where producers and consumers meet. It acts as a catalyst to activate the surrounding agricultural lands. The visitor experiences a journey in all the stages of the food chain, from farming, to processing, shared community kitchen spaces.

Tutors: Prof. Arch. Senan Abdelqader, Arch. Dalia Nachman-Farchi