Maya Dann


Walking in a bustling city as your five senses absorb the strange feeling of harmonic chaos, which result from an enormous number of elements acting in a complete balance like planets in the Milky way. Nowadays, the Israeli policy has few tracks for urban renewal, mainly concentrating on buildings, creating space for dwelling, workspace, commercial, etc.

The need for living units is important and urgent. Yet, urban renewal must contain urban space, urban environment and the space between the built mass.

Our key to this pandora box is re-thinking about the generator of the city, how to create an endless field in the existing operation field in order for it alive and relevant for many years.

My method is adapted to the new environment, to a more complex city, more layered and three-dimensional. In my project, the open public space, as a ground field, is the respirator of the city. I based the urban field as a pattern of the built mass and the in-between space. I created a new block in the pattern that befalls in this ideology as a multi scale idea.

The open public space is planned and permanent, it gives the freedom to create a flexible system/structure mass that can be divided, merged and changed by needs.



Tutors: Arch. Yuval Baer, Arch. Michael Walma van der Molen